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Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is moving forward with the next phase of their plan to construct groundwater wells in an effort to provide high-quality drinking water to local communities in both Salt Lake and Utah County. 


Future phases will include construction of additional wells in the coming years.



400 North Pipeline Project


As early as Friday, May 17, a section of 400 North will close east of the Edgewater Townhomes entrance in Vineyard as crews work on the Wells at Vineyard Pipeline project. Along with the closure, parking on 400 North will continue to be restricted, and the temporary lot north of 400 North will be closed. Violators will be ticketed. This closure will be in place until further notice.  

  • Full closure of 400 North east of 710 East

  • Full closure of the Edgewater entrance on 710 East

  • Parking restrictions 

    • No parking in the lot east of 400 North​

    • No parking along 400 North​

Ongoing Impacts:

Screenshot 2024-06-04 142737.png

Well House Construction - Wells 7, 16, 17

Following the drilling, well house construction began late 2023 at wells sites 7, 16 and 17. Construction is expected to continue through spring of 2026.

As early as Monday, June 10, the CUWCD will begin well house construction on Well 7 in Vineyard. 

  • Temporary sidewalk closure on 400 North 

  • No on-street parking on 350 East

  • Increased noise, dust and vibration 

  • Construction vehicles entering and exiting the work zone 

  • Minor travel delays  

Ongoing Impacts:

CWP - The Wells at Vineyard_Map_Well 16-01.jpg
CWP - The Wells at Vineyard_Map_Well 17-


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How long is construction expected to last?

Well development and drilling for wells 7, 16, 17 lasted through late 2023. Well House construction began in early 2024 and will last through spring 2026.

Why were these well locations chosen? 

The primary reason for selecting a well location is to provide the best opportunity for high quantities of high quality water. The water quality and capacity of the wells in the surrounding area have indicated that these locations for wells 7, 16, and 17 are likely to provide the best in both of these categories. 

How could construction impact me?


The plans for this project involve construction and/or drilling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nearby residents may experience additional noise, dust and vibration while the work takes place. Parking areas in close proximity to the project sites may also be affected during the course of construction.

How deep are the wells?


Some will be as deep as 1,500 feet below the surface, (the deepest drilled in Utah) – nearly four times the height of the Wells Fargo Center in Salt Lake City. These deep aquifers are continually filled by crisp, clean water from our mountains. 


Will my water, sewer service or any other utilities be affected?


No water, sewer or other utility disruptions are anticipated during construction. In the event a disruption does occur, please contact (801) 226-1929.


Where is the water going?


The water from these wells will be delivered via the new pipeline to residents of Vineyard and other communities in northern Utah County and southern Salt Lake County.

Is the water free and clear of any contaminates from the former Geneva Steel mill? 

Public health and safety are top priority and only the highest quality drinking water is delivered to our customers. The district takes quality very seriously, follows all federal regulations and is even more stringent on internal regulations. The water from these wells will be monitored closely and tested more frequently than is legally required.

No manufacturing by Geneva Steel has ever taken place on or near the well sites in Vineyard.  Other wells in this well field have been in operation and provided water to consumers for more than three years.


Thorough testing and significant data has shown there is no concern for contamination to any of the drinking water aquifers utilized by the wells. Part of the well design and management process includes siting analysis, water monitoring, and testing to ensure clean, safe water is being distributed to customers. Our water is tested regularly for a wide variety of constituents and has never exceeded stringent USEPA drinking water standards. Additionally, the exceptional design of the wells and pipeline will prevent any foreign materials from entering the water supply. For more information about the water coming from these wells, please read the Consumer Confidence Report. 

How can I learn more?


Hotline: (355) 440-0660


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Area Map

CWP - The-Wells-at-Vineyard_Map_Pipeline-Construction-Schedule (1).jpg


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The Wells at Vineyard, Behind the Scenes

The Wells at Vineyard, Behind the Scenes

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In 2005, CUWCD purchased approximately 42,400 acre-feet of water rights and other water-related assets from the former Geneva Steel Company.

By combining these groundwater rights with surface water rights previously purchased, CUWCD is now able to sponsor the CWP. The project will provide a reliable, potable water supply of approximately 53,800 acre-feet annually under full development and that is projected to be developed over 25 years.



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To learn more about project details and updates, contact us:


HOTLINE: (385) 440-0660


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CLICK HERE to find out what else CUWCD is up to.

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